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Calling All Artists!

We need your help in our next book!
We are seeking out images of the great goddess Sekhmet of Egypt.

“Sekhmet is the great lion goddess, the fierce twin of Bastet. And as her name implies, Sekhmet is the scorching, destructive power of the sun. She is “strong”, “mighty”, “violent”- she is no gentle pussycat! Where Bastet is said to drink milk, Sekhmet drinks blood; where Bastet is the germinating warmth of spring, Sekhmet is the power of the sun at its height.”

If your picture is chosen to be on the cover of our next book “Images of Sekhmet” you will be awarded with a prize of $50 and a copy of the book your illustration is atop of. If your picture is not chosen though, don’t worry we need a lot of other illustrations for the pages so chances are that if we will feel your illustration is one of the many faces of Sekhmet we will use it.
Dead Line is 8/05
Limited to three entireties (photo’s) per Artist.

So what ARE we Looking For?

(models posing as Sekhmet, lions running around ect..)
*Or just Anything your Imagination is showing you

Send your photos in a high resolution form (example if you use illustrator or photo shop- BIT.-10MB, JPEG.-10KB) and all your contact information to

For more information go to
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