Tip Lorance (tiplorance) wrote in catgirl_extreme,
Tip Lorance

I need YOU!!!!! for my photoshoot

ok first off I want to apologizeing for x-posting..

I am curently doing a photoshoot called Big & Beautifull...
subjuct matter is our choice..

I want to do a kitty/catgirl

I need someone who is willing to modle in fishnets or other 'hot' gear....
I want to really blow my class away with this one...

If you want to modle for this let me know...
Im not sure when I can or who I can shoot (depends on if I can drive to meet you or not)

but it will be one of the next 2 weekends most likely...

and if your a cat guy/boy and want to do this and can think of any really awsam shots let me know hehe.

so let me know.

1. male or female?
2. Where do you live?
3. are you availible the next few weekends?
4. will you wear 'hot' gear.... hehe.....
5. anything else you can think that might help

I dont know if I can pull this off but I really want too

ya and I live in California, about an hour north of LA..
so if you live in CA its a plus hehe...

E-mail me at EliCurrey@hotmail.com
or leave a message here

thanks again all
and sorry for the x-posting.
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